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What We Offer

Community Assessment and Analysis

COPE works with clergy and congregations to identify and research community needs and identify what services already exist in the community of interest through mapping and other methods. Structured, public, face-to-face actions are held with key business and political leaders on an issue-by-issue basis to explore and develop joint solutions to the root causes of problems in communities.

Strategic Planning

COPE helps congregations conceptualize a vision for thriving communities, and works with congregants and community groups to map out how to get there.

Meeting Preparation and Participation

Maintaining an effective presence in meetings is critical to organizing success. COPE’s training covers how to develop clear meeting agendas, determine roles and responsibilities for meeting participants, how to gather necessary research and statistics to help make a case, and role-play and practice before attending sessions with public officials.

Program Development and Organizational Management

COPE helps congregations develop and strengthen programs to serve the needs of their members and the communities they serve. Trainings cover (1) identifying management and organization models that are best for managing public and private funds; (2) service models that are most effective when working with African American communities; (3) how to incorporate cultural considerations for African Americans in a multi-cultural program; (4) identifying appropriate staff, board and management training; (5) developing effective marketing materials; and (6) collecting, interpreting and disseminating relevant program information/data.

Policy Influence

Through a social justice framework, COPE works with congregations to promote private and public policy solutions to community problems by teaching them strategies for convening, informing, and influencing and holding accountable key decision makers in their communities.

Resource Development

COPE's training includes a range of strategies for foundation and corporate fundraising.