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Building publicly skilled leadership is at the heart of COPE’s Training Center’s work. COPE has trained more than 200 clergy, lay and community leaders since our inception in 2000. Here is a glance at some of the topics covered in COPE’s national training conferences:

The Civil Rights Movement
A Model for Change This session explores successful African American organizing efforts that were holistic in nature. Trainers examine key elements of the Civil Rights Movement and provide helpful insights that can be applied to contemporary organizing efforts.

Power and Its Relationship to Community
Power is a fundamental aspect of all human experience. However, many African American organizations refrain from pursuing it as an organizational objective. This session demystifies the meaning of power and its applicability and its importance in community organizing.

Institutional Relationships
Power in the United States is exercised through institutions. Institutions generate a majority of external pressures facing our families (economic, political, cultural). This session will provide specific, practical methods for quelling some of the pressures coming from institutional forces.

Leadership Qualities and Characteristics
Leaders are developed over time. This session helps participants to identify the leadership qualities and characteristics necessary to produce successful community organizing efforts.

Community Problems and Issues
Community organizations often find it difficult to distinguish the difference between a problem and an issue. This session will clarify the difference between a problem and an issue in practical terms. It offers a practical guide for moving a problem into an issue.

Steps and Stages of Building a Community Organization
Building an effective community organization takes time. This session outlines a step-by-step process for building a powerful community organization. It also identifies keyorganizational development milestones and behavioral patterns that emerge during the organizing process.

Money and Fundraising
This session will help the participants realize the importance of raising money for their organization. There is a familiar phrase that says, “Õne who pays the piper, names the tune.” This session will help ensure that participants learn to name the tune.